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Singing in a Nutshell


Basic Warmup  
Basic Skills | Foundation | Fundamentals
These are the standard warmups that I recommend you master. These techniques will set up your voice to be ready to sing.
Warmups should be functional, not beautiful. If you are aiming just to sound good during your warmups, you might be missing the point. Yes, pitch and rhythm have to be in place to have a successful warmup, but the warmup itself may not be beautiful. It may be weird or even abrasive sounding, but so long as there is no pain/strain, your job is to get your voice in the optimal placement for strong, healthy sound production. 
Intermediate Exercises & Techniques  
These warmups are meant to stretch your current ability to be able to give you new skills and abilities to work on.
Advanced Exercises & Techniques  
These warmups are only to be attempted when you have mastered 75% of the intermediate exercises. Practicing vocal exercises that are far beyond your current skill level can have a negative impact on your singing, causing you to strain, push or use poor technique to manage the scale.
Sophie Ostrovski  soprano, pianist, violinist, she won her district and is participating in the 2020 Kiwanis Provincial Competition for for both the Voice & Piano divisions.
Emily Zhang  soprano, dancer and artist, she has participated in numerous competitions and performances.
ViVA Children's Choir
A member of ViVA Trio, Erin Fisher's students were invited to participate in recording and filming these singles with ViVA Trio, as apart of the ViVA Children's Choir.
Student Gallery
a spotlight on some of my students behind the scenes and in performance.

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