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S t u d e n t   S p o t l i g h t

Jason Craig  singer, guitarist & songwriter, and  founding member of alternative rock band:  Idüna
Emma Victoria Tagliabue  singer, guitar player & songwriter. Emma Tagliabue has won 1st in every festival competition she's competed in. She placed 2nd in the OMFA Provincial Competition in June 2023. She is represented by the DaCosta Talent Agency.
Juliana Eye  singer, keyboard player & songwriter, and touring freelance musician
Jah Ocean  rapper, guitarist & songwriter
Sophie Ostrovski  soprano, pianist, violinist, she won her district and is participating in the 2020 Kiwanis Provincial Competition for for both the Voice & Piano divisions.
ViVA Children's Choir
A member of ViVA Trio, Erin Fisher's students were invited to participate in recording and filming these singles with ViVA Trio, as apart of the ViVA Children's Choir.
Student Gallery
a spotlight on some of my students behind the scenes and in performance.

It's time to Reveal Your Song!

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