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S t a g e   P r e s e n c e


Your stage presence is often the mark of your 'star quality.' 


Singing and performing are different abilities. Singing technically perfect does not mean you will have a career; however, a charismatic performer can have an amazing career with a less-than-perfect vocal. A charismatic stage presence can be learned and cultivated, and for performers, it's vital.


Learn to harness your star-quality and use your authentic charisma to stand out. Fisher teaches performance technique and offers coaching tailored to your needs and musical style.

Commanding the stage means learning how to use your body, emotions and energy in a way that communicates your unique personality in it's best light. Whatever your genre, your song tells a story and Fisher can assist you in creating a whole performance.

Fisher works with her students on everything from movement (Fisher has 10+ years of dance training), emotions, acting and story-telling, audience & band interactions, to outfits and style, cultivating your brand--everything! Fisher has filmed in over twenty music videos and performed hundreds of concerts and shows, and can assist you on all aspects of your performance.

Learning how to be a generous performer, how to be expressive and engage your audience, is essential  for any working performer. 
Our job as performers is to use the body, emotions and voice to tell a story, to evoke a response from your audience.

- Erin Fisher


It's time to Reveal Your Song!

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