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V o i c e   L e s s o n s


Erin Fisher focuses on holistic vocal technique and vocal health with her students. She specializes in teaching true breath support and how to expand your breath support and control, basic to advanced work on tone, placement, resonance, high notes, low notes, and riffs, runs and coloratura. Fisher also can assist in vocal rehab, and vocal repair, teaching safe techniques to help you restore your voice.

Erin has worked with singers in every genre from jazz, pop and musical theatre to rock, rap and R&B. She has sung jazz, pop, musical theatre, opera, classical and crossover music professionally for over 15 years. In each of those genres, she has performed in numerous formats: track-only, live band, chamber orchestra and full orchestra. Erin understands the nuance of a genre and can assist you to add finesse to a song that will make you shine in whatever genre you sing.

With the ViVA Trio, Erin has recorded two albums, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS (recorded with live-orchestra) and WINTER LEGENDS (all original music) and knows her way around a recording studio and over Covid, learned to self-record. She can coach you in the studio, and help you prepare for recording. Studio time is expensive and precious, and your goal is to get amazing takes the first time, so you don't have to pay to re-record.

Stage presence is also a major focus for Erin. She works with her students on performance value--focusing on movement (Erin has 10+ years of dance training), outfits, emotions, style, audience & band interactions--everything! Erin has done numerous music videos, and hundreds of concerts, and can assist you on all aspects of your performance.

On top of singing, Erin also offers her students professional advice (upon request). You can ask for feedback on your marketing materials, and get your general music business questions answered.

Erin has a range of students who perform professionally, compete, audition and produce albums, concerts and tours.


I have worked with many singers, all at different stages of development,

and I love seeing my students live their dreams!
Technique is vital, but it's still only half of the journey.
Singing, performing, music is a deep experience.
The more deeply you embrace your voice and it's gifts,
the more is revealed. 

- Erin Fisher


It's Time to Reveal Your Song!

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 text:  647.309.0041




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