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S p e a k i n g   V o i c e   C o a c h

Miss Fisher has worked with many people who have had a variety of speech and vocal challenges. Working on your specific issue, Erin gets straight to the heart of the matter and will assist you in making the necessary changes.

Miss Fisher has coached many people who have had lisps, some with confidence issues, and others with medical conditions. She has worked with people who are soft spoken and want to learn to project and with those who want to soften the effects of their accent. She addresses diction, clarity of text, with every student in her studio, working on healthy and correct pronunciation.

Whether you have short term or long term goals, she will focus on your goals first, with a lens for vocal health. Fisher can assist in vocal rehab, and vocal repair, teaching safe techniques to help you restore your voice. She has a list of remedies for healing the voice through vocal damage or illness.

Miss Fisher has coached everything from monologues to speeches to sales pitches. If you're wanting your voice to be more mediative for your yoga practice or spa service or strong and clear for your next meeting, Miss Fisher can help you.  

There are so many issues that can arise with the voice, as it is a multifunctional tool for us. We use our voice daily, and like any muscle we develop habits, sometimes unhelpful ones.
To be an effective speaker, one must have great control over one's voice.

- Erin Fisher


Sing Your Heart Out!

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