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Erin has been approached to assist other's specifically in the area of expression. Life was bringing her numerous students who wanted to work on expression alone, to become more expressive people both in their daily lives, in acting or in their work. Erin developed several strategies for connecting more deeply to the core issues blocking one's expression, and exercising one's connection to their emotions, facial expression and use of body language. Communication is a fundamental everyday life skill and upping your game here can help you in any job position where communication is necessary, especially in positions of leadership.

Erin has worked with many people who have had a variety of speech and vocal challenges. Working on your specific issue, Erin gets straight to the heart of the matter and will assist you in making the necessary changes.

Erin has coached many people who have had lisps, some with confidence issues, and others with medical conditions. She has worked with people who are soft spoken and want to learn to project and with those who want to soften the effects of their accent. She addresses diction, clarity of text, with every student in her studio, working on healthy and correct pronunciation.

Whether you have short term or long term goals, she will focus on your goals first, with a lens for vocal health. Fisher can assist in vocal rehab, and vocal repair, teaching safe techniques to help you restore your voice. She has a list of remedies for healing the voice through vocal damage or illness.

Erin has coached everything from emotional expression to clear speech to sales pitches! If you're wanting your voice to be strong and clear for your next meeting, or become more emotionally expressive to communicate effectively, Erin can help you!


For singers and actors, expression is the job. It's the entire point. Telling stories, making an audience feel deeply, laugh or cry. Making full use of your face, facial expressions, and body language is just another necessary element to a successful performance. Ideally, authentic expression comes from a deep connection to the song or text and springs forth from your natural emotional expression.


When we're still learning to connect more naturally with our true emotional expression, sometimes we have to fake it till we make it. In a TED Talk given by Amy Cuddy, she states that a confident pose can make you feel confident, in the same way that confidence compels you to choose that confident pose. Like smiling till we feel happy or smiling because we feel happy, this behavioural science is studied and proven, and can be a great mode into learning to try on new forms of expression. 

Again, like many of these finer details, expression for singers is very much nuanced by genre. Erin has developed numerous strategies to help her students work on expressing themselves in a way that fits the genre they're singing and feels authentic to that person's personality. Movement, body language, facial expressions are the tools to reach the audience. A performer must understand how to best use these tools to milk the moment.


Another element of expression for performers is your clothing. Sometimes this is a small detail, depending on your musical genre, but sometimes clothing choice is highly important. You don't want to loose gigs because of your clothing choices, and likewise good clothing choices can gain you fans and respect.


Whether you want to break the mould or fit the mould, Erin can help you become a more expressive version of you!

"Authentic expression is a deeply powerful and persuasive tool of communication. It can move others to tears, to love, to action."

- Erin Fisher


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