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Music Lessons run all year at the Studio. Please text or email for current lesson availability.


Phone: 647.309.0041




Lesson Rates


*Taxes are included in all prices listed below.*



Music Lesson Rate per Lesson

45 Minute Lessons 

First Lesson: $45

Join the Roster: $50 (paid by Semester) 

60 Minutes Lessons

First Lesson: $60

Join the Roster: $65 (paid by Semester)

Pay as you go: $70

5 Lesson Package (Adults only): $325



Join the Roster:

If you'd like to become a regular student in Erin's Roster (subject to availability), you will pay by Semester (listed below). The Summer Semester is flexible.   


January to April | May to August | September to December




Payment Information


At the moment, we accept cash, cheques or e-transfers to  



Cancellation Policy



Our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice via text or clear voice mail message.  Email cancellation is not a valid method to cancel at this time.


If cancellation of a lesson occurs after 24 hours, then the lesson will still be charged.  Missing your lesson will be considered a late cancellation, and you will be charged.


Any lessons cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will be made up, or can be used as a credit toward any service offered. If for some unforeseeable circumstance you must cancel your lessons or are unable to make up lessons, your monies for the cancelled lessons will be refunded.



Thank you for your understanding and respect for studio policy.



Sing Your Heart Out!

Text or Email Now for more information





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