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A u d i t i o n   P r e p

Auditioning is a fact of life for singers. From opera and musical theatre to pop & R&B singers, auditioning well can mean the difference between having a career or not. There are many things to consider from vocal technique to presentation, marketing materials like your resume and headshots to your online presence.  Everything has to be on point to ensure your success.

Fisher has auditioned for opera, classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop gigs. She has showcased for conductors, presenter conferences, print ads, commercials and record labels. Fisher has a range of experience, and will guide you through how to best prepare. 

For each genre, auditions mean different things, and have different requirements. Regardless of the differences, you will be singing live. Different kinds of stress come with this, from vocal to technical to interpersonal, the list goes on. Fisher can help walk you through techniques and strategies to help with the stress of auditions and create a personalized warmup and vocal plan so you're in top vocal shape to give your best live performance.

For musical theatre auditions, Fisher has coached many monologues and songs, looked over resumes and headshots. For showcasing in pop, rock and R&B genres, along with your vocal & music quality, labels and presenters are looking at your overall presentation/appeal, with special attention paid to your branding, especially online. Fisher has assisted with last minute check-ins and serious prep for important auditions. 

Auditioning can be stressful, and each audition is unique.

It's such a pleasure to see the weight come off my students' shoulders,
and hear that they were successful! 

- Erin Fisher


Sing Your Heart Out!

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