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V o c a l   C o a c h


Whether you have short term or long term goals, Miss Fisher will focus on your vocal or performance goals first, all the while keeping vocal health at the fore. 


Miss Fisher has worked with singers in every genre from jazz, pop and musical theatre to rock, rap and R&B. She has performed jazz, pop, musical theatre, opera, classical and crossover music professionally for over 15 years, and can assist you to add finesse to a song that will make you shine in whatever genre you sing.

The difference between coachings and lessons is for most, blurred, but generally, a coaching is a tune-up, a check-in, more to work on a specific song or piece of music. You will want a vocal coaching if your just coming in for a few quick tips or ideas on interpretation. You'll want lessons if you're working on vocal technique and wanting to master a new vocal skill, such as high notes or breath support.

In Lessons, Fisher specializes in teaching true breath support, how to expand and control your breath, basic to advanced work on tone, placement, resonance, high notes, low notes, and riffs, runs and coloratura. She works with her students on diction and clarity of text and tone.

In a coaching, Fisher provides smart vocal techniques that can be applied quickly, ideas on interpretation and ways to bring more finesse and make you shine, feedback on your performance or ideas on staging, acting or movement, and assistance on any vocal health issues.


She has worked with singers with tone and tuning issues, and knows how to solve these issues and can quickly spot the core issues. Fisher also can assist in vocal rehab, and vocal repair, teaching safe techniques to help you restore your voice. She has a list of remedies for healing the voice through vocal damage or illness.

Fisher has a range of students who perform professionally, compete, audition and produce albums, concerts and tour.

As a teacher, I want to ensure that you can be an artist with your voice.
I want you to have the ability to access to all the colours of your voice
and choose how you want to interpret the song, as an artist.
My goal for my students is that they think like artists and develop the vocal technique to realize all of their musical ideas. 

- Erin Fisher


It's time to Reveal Your Song!

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 text:  647.309.0041




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