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P i a n o   L e s s o n s

Miss Fisher specializes in teaching Beginner Piano Lessons because the first lessons are the most important in fostering a love for the instrument and for music.  She assists in creating a solid foundation for students with good technique and secure musical understanding. 


It is never too late to learn how to play piano.  
I teach 5 year olds to 50 + .
~ Erin Fisher




Piano is a fantastic instrument on which to build musical skill, musicality and musical knowledge.  Specializing in beginner students, Miss Fisher builds a strong foundation, with a focus on technique, musical understanding, and musicality.


By drawing on many different tools, students can easily move forward in their musical knowledge and piano skill.  Students enjoy moving forward in their piano books often so much so that they will practice without being asked!


Learning to play the piano is a fun exercise for the brain.  Aside from good piano technique, learning to play piano teaches concentration, hand-eye coordination, good posture, fine motor skills, musical ability and understanding, musicality and self-expression.  It has also been shown through numerous studies that piano students show an increase in test scores and reading proficiency, mathematical and scientific aptitudes, and emotional health and self-esteem.


She works at the student’s pace, maintaining a balance of concentration and fun, to achieve that student’s goals.  





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