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Erin Fisher has over 20 year experience singing professionally in many genres: jazz, pop, classical, opera, musical theatre and crossover. She also has a background in piano, and dance and has studied both singing and piano at the University of British Columbia.


She is also an international touring artist with award-winning vocal group, ViVA Trio. She has performed in Europe, USA and Canada as a soloist and as a member of ViVA Trio. As a teacher, she is focused on vocal technique, vocal health, and helping you to up your game in every way, prioritizing your goals.


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Technique is the basis for advancement. Erin teaches true diaphragmatic breathing, resonance, space, pitch, range, high notes, low notes, dynamics (volume), musicality, tone, riffs, runs and literally everything in between! This is what will help you get you where you want to be. Expect to be practicing 3-5 times a week, depending on your goals. Erin will give you a personalized warmup that is unique to your voice, needs and goals and will challenge you when you're ready for more!

Vocal Health

With out awareness of important Vocal Health techniques, you will not be able to perform many concerts in a row, or maybe even get through several songs back to back. Vocal Health is essential to any serious singer. Erin has performed sick many times, and it's at those pivotal moments when you need real strategies to get through a show without your audience knowing. With Erin's holistic singing approach and vocal health advice, you'll be recovering from that sore throat and back on stage! 

Song Work

Every genre has their own specific techniques, requirements, norms. Here is where expression, stylization, phrasing and your technique really come together. Erin has sung professionally in opera, musical theatre, pop, crossover, classical and jazz, and she has coached it all: musical theatre, rock, opera, rap, jazz and pop. Each genre has it's own specific flavour and it's own style. Erin can help you stylize songs so that you sound authentic in your genre. Song work is where you come out, express your musicality and shine!


There is no way to practice the art of performing except to perform! Erin coaches stage presence, performance technique, and expression specific to you and your musical genre. Erin encourages performance, competitions, has helped students get agents and land auditions. When you are ready, Erin will guide you to the performance experience that's right for you, your level and your genre.

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