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I have been teaching via Skype regularly for over 5 years to students locally, and internationally in the USA, the UK and Dubai. I have had students that I've never worked with in person and they have successfully completed high level vocal examinations with lessons with me only via Skype.

I am well set up to work via Skype and my students are flourishing as always!

~ Erin Fisher

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My love of teaching is deeper than passion;  teaching is my purpose, my vocation.   
There is nothing more thrilling than 
watching my students blossom and succeed!   


- Erin Fisher


Erin Fisher has experience singing professionally for over 15 years, and has professionally sung in many genres: jazz, pop, classical, opera, musical theatre and crossover. She also has a background in piano and has studied both singing and piano at the University of British Columbia. She is now a touring artist with ViVA Trio. As a teacher, she is focused on vocal technique and vocal health, while meeting your goals.


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Mezzo-Soprano of 

ViVA Trio

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