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"After our last session, I'm feeling much better, more creative, and less anxious.  Thank you!"


~ Andrzej, age 29




"Thank you for your Reveal Your Song for Wellness Program.  The past ten weeks have been inspirational and fun for me!  


Your structure of the course was perfect - from the opening session on proper breathing and knowledge of the diaphragm and lungs, to the importance of vocal care and singing care. Of particular interest to me was your introduction to the many types and styles of meditation, and the importance of a spiritual mantra.


I learned so many new skills from the benefits of singing, to the benefits of deep breathing, and to the peace of mind in learning the techniques of meditation.


I look forward to your next program!


Best Wishes!"


~ Audrey, age 78



*  Confidence Boosted

*  Learn to Connect to Emotions

* Increase Musical Knowledge

*  Improve Musicality & Musical Ear

*  Create Healthy Vocal Sound

*  Healthy Creative Self-Expression

* Increase your Knowledge of Anatomy

* Mental & Physical Coordination Improved

*  Heighten Self-Esteem

*  Have Fun!


Benefits of Singing


*  Full Deep Breathing

 * Learn to Connect to your Body

 * Sharpen Concentration & Focus

*  Uplift & Enhance Mood

*  Increase Coherence in Speech 

& Thought

   * Increase feelings of Well-Being

 * Increase Energy Levels

* Healthy Posture

*  Reduce stress


*  Peace of Mind

* Tap into your Inner Wisdom

*  Increase sense of calm & balance

*  Develop Intuition & Trust in Inner Guidance

*  Increase ability to remain 

    level-headed during high-stress

*  Increase sense of Connectedness 

    (to self, others, nature)

*  Uplift all aspects of body, 

    heart, mind and spirit




Benefits of Meditation


Benefits of Both


S i n g i n g   &   S p i r i t u a l i t y 

Each session will build on the experience and concepts of the previous session, allowing you to move comfortably through the program with confidence and support. Handouts will be given with each new concept to support the student's learning.



Features of each Session


Experiential Learning

  • Healthy Posture

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Meditation & Singing


Reveal Your Song for Wellness:

A Beginner's Program for Singing & Spirituality



Program Description


Focusing on your relationship to your Voice and to your Spirit, this original program was developed by Miss Erin Fisher.


Reveal Your Song for Wellness is designed to strengthen your connection to your voice, build your understanding of singing, and learn a variety of spiritual themes and practices. Participants explore all concepts through both intellectual and experiential processes.


Designed for the absolute beginner to connect to body, mind, heart and spirit through breath, singing, sound and spiritual practice, Reveal Your Song for Wellness is a 10 session program which, begins gently with each successive session building upon the previous concepts and techniques learned.



In this 10 Session Program, You will learn


Vocal Practices

  • Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Healthy Posture

  • Healthy Singing Techniques

  • Pure Vowels

  • Vocal Health

  • Improvisation


Cognitive Learning

  • Explain & Discuss each Topic

Spiritual Practices & Topics

  • Meditation

  • Chakras & Auras

  • Toning

  • Power of Intention, Word & Sound

  • Mantra & Chant

  • Intuition

Home Review

  • Handouts on each concept

  • Audio Recordings


This Program is for You if:


Looking to Deepen Self-Introspection

  • You Meditate 

  • Want to learn about various spiritual themes for personal growth

  • Interested in learning how to use sound in meditation

  • Looking for ways to quiet the mind

  • Looking for ways to bring your full attention to the moment

  • Want to find ways to focus on your body


Looking to Learn

  • Want to learn Healthy Singing Techniques

  • Interested in any of the many spiritual themes/practices covered

  • Want to learn Meditation

  • Want to learn Diaphragmatic Breathing


Looking to Heal

  • Discover ways to use your voice for pain

  • You are a Psychotherapist

  • You are a Healer (Naturopath, Shiatsu Therapist, Energy-Worker)

  • Looking for ways to focus on healing and/or begin a healing journey


Wanting to Express

  • Looking for safe ways to express yourself

  • Looking for a safe group to explore your voice

  • Want to express your spiritual journey

  • Get over fear of singing or/and public speaking


Erin’s Note


The benefits of singing and spiritual practice have been promoted for years. Blending these practices is natural. In the Reveal Your Song for Wellness program, we bring these two practices together and allow you to uncover your inner harmony. 



We each have important journeys we're on; let's honour your journey, and explore voice, heart, body, mind and spirit for wellness.


Let's Journey through Song to Reveal our Spirit!



Let’s Reveal Your Song for Wellness!


Call or Email Now for more information about the 


Reveal Your Song for Wellness Program





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