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B r e a t h   &   M e d i t a t i o n 

Enter into the Sacred

Breath & Meditation Group



Program Description


Enter into the Sacred: Exploring Meditation in it’s Many Forms is a program, designed by Erin, focusing on providing many experiences of meditation.


There are many ways to meditate, and the focus will be on developing your ability to stay in the witness state, be present to the moment, and strengthen your connection to You.  A range of meditations will be experienced, some traditional meditation techniques will be taught and experienced, and some intuitive.  Regardless of the form, all meditations are designed to be accessible.  


Throughout the program, you will experience 21 breath meditations, 2 guided meditations, 2 sound meditations, 2 visual meditations, 1 active creative meditation, 1 energy circuit meditation, 1 full sensory meditation, and 1 ritual.  All experiences are guided in mindfulness.


Designed for beginners and intermediates to connect to body, mind, heart and spirit through various forms of meditation and spiritual practice, Enter into the Sacred is a 10 session program which, begins gently and flows into deeper meditation work as you move through the program.  


This program was intentionally designed to be repeatable, and if so desired, one could repeat any one of the sessions many times (for example, one could request to do Session 3 of the program, many times in a row).



In this Program, You will learn & experience


Meditation Techniques

  • Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Healthy Posture

  • Release Judge

  • Enter Witness State

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Dissociative Meditation

  • Mudra (Yoga for the Hands)



Meditation Practices

  • Breath Meditations

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sensory Meditations

  • Sound Meditations

  • Visual Meditations

  • Active Creative Meditations

  • Energy Meditations

Cognitive Learning

  • Explain & Discuss each Topic

Home Review

  • Handouts to support practice



Each session will offer guidance through each technique, allowing you to move comfortably through the program with confidence and support.  Every session always begins with a breath meditation practice, as breath work is a foundational practice of meditation, and is followed by that session’s form of meditation, ending with an affirmation reading.


Through this program, you will learn the styles of meditation that best work for you, your challenges and techniques to assist you in overcoming those challenges.


Features of each Session


Experiential Learning

  • Healthy Posture

  • Breath Meditation

  • Meditation

  • Affirmations

  • Grounding


This Program is for You if:


Looking to Deepen Self-Introspection

  • Want to Meditate

  • Want to learn new ways to integrate meditation more fully into your life

  • Looking to experience a deeper connection to You

  • Want to learn various spiritual practices for personal growth

  • Wanting to experience deeper meditation experiences

  • Looking for ways to quiet the mind

  • Looking for ways to bring your full attention to the moment

  • Want to find ways to focus on your body


Looking to Learn

  • Want to learn new meditation and breath techniques

  • Interested in any of the many spiritual practices covered

  • Want to learn how to Meditate

  • Want to learn Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Learn methods to de-stress during your day


Looking to Heal

  • Looking for ways to contribute to your own healing

  • Want to be able to breathe deeper

  • Need to relax

  • You practice yoga

  • You are a Psychotherapist

  • You are a Healer (Naturopath, Nurse, Massage Therapist)

  • Looking for ways to focus on healing and/or begin a healing journey


Wanting to Balance

  • Looking for ways to remain level headed in the face of stress

  • Feel more relaxed & experience well-being

  • Want to balance your energetic aspects

  • Want to approach life with more grace



Erin’s Reflections


I hear so many people wanting to create a spiritual practice in their lives, but finding it too challenging to create the time, or are unsure of where to start, how to begin, or how to structure a practice.  I designed this program for all people looking to bring meditation into their everyday lives, create a practice, and/or experience many forms of meditation.


It is my own personal goal to integrate meditation into my life in so many ways that I am living in a modern meditation, simply moving from meditation to meditation.  This program will expose you to different ways to meditate, and the program can in and of itself become a practice for those who require a class to create structure.  Sometimes we need to make a commitment to someone else to give ourselves time and permission to make space in our lives for the practices we deeply crave.  


Be loving with yourself and ask yourself what you need.  Follow the answers that come.



Let’s Enter into the Sacred & Explore Meditation!


Call or Email Now for more information about the


Enter into the Sacred, Breath & Meditation Program





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